31st August 2018 Kenny Stadelmann

The Evolution of Home Film-Making

With the tremendous technological shifts and improvements over the last couple of decades, home film-making, or simply recording video in a convenient and yet affordable way, is possible. I did some research and put together the following chart to simplify the process of this evolution. Do you still own a video camera or do you only use your phone to record videos?

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  1. Today, it’s crazy to me how “anyone” can make a short film with just a smartphone! The quality keeps on improving but at the same time you see new trendy apps trying to recreate old fashioned qualities such as HujiCam and The Camcorder.

    • Kenny Stadelmann

      Thanks for your comment Marine! It is convenient and yet a bit overwhelming to have so many “film makers” out there. I definitely have to look into the apps you mentioned.

  2. I love your infographic! The topic is somehow familiar to me because I study Film&TV at school. I feel again how fast the evolution of filmmaking (recording) is. The technology is changing so quickly and we adapt it immediately as you can see what we have as home electronics, such as VHS, DVD, to Blu-ray player. Now, as you mention, iPhone has become one of the choices of recording and some directors use it as their main device. It seems the way of filmmaking is getting more and more diverse and handy.
    I imagine new technologies will provide us with more realistic, exciting experience in the near future… for example, 360-degree cameras and VR glasses.

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