29th August 2018 Kenny Stadelmann

My First Sound Design for Video

This was one of my first projects in sound design and music creation. I created this back in college in my first sound-design class ever. I was fairly new to the idea of creating soundscapes and songs myself, but since then I kept my excitement and dedication. The sound design for the following video is pretty basic and simple, but it got me highly fascinated on how music can convey specific emotions and feelings.

For this clip I used a thunder sound in the background along with some simple piano and a a bass note playing. Quite simple, yet it works well with the visuals.

Comments (4)

  1. shane

    this is really cool !! and you’re so right, the music completely alters the mood of the scene. the music here made the visuals seem really ominous

  2. Rainer Plank

    Very nicely done! The sound design fits seamlessly to the visuals adding suspense without overdoing it.

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