24th August 2018 Kenny Stadelmann

All Kind of Music

When people ask me what kind of music I listen to I answer: “All kind of music.” And I mean it. I often listen to classic music like Jazz, Blues, and Funk, and I also enjoy movie scores a lot. There is a variety of excellent soundtracks that were even that good that they are being used in upcoming trailers for completely different movies. As an example in the Man of Steel trailers, music from The Lord of the Rings, and Gladiator was being used. I think music like this is just perfect for a trailer. It is a simple melody and has yet a tremendous emotional impact.

I realized that when I listen to good soundtracks or good music in general, I often unconsciously recreate similar patterns of songs I like, and I found it not only to be fun but also a great opportunity to learn and combine different styles and elements which emotionally touch me. This is the Man of Steel trailer with the The Lord of the Rings Soundtrack:

You can hear the similarities in this project of mine:

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  1. Isabella Rivas

    You definitely opened my eyes to noticing that film scores from different movies are often so good that they are reused for completely different movies -I hadn’t realized that! It’s also interesting that because you like “all music” you tend to recreate the patterns even in your own music. Are there any two genres of music specifically that you enjoy putting your own spin on?

    • Kenny Stadelmann

      Hmmm it is hard to narrow down which genres I like the most, sometimes there might be just a single element that sticks out to me. In general, I believe that electronic music is allowed to be more than just a song to party to, but can tell a story, a journey.

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