14th August 2018 Kenny Stadelmann

Sound-Design for Still Images?!

My most recent posts were focusing a lot on music and importance of sound-design, however, the shear endless opportunities of sound-design not only plays a big part in music production, but also in creating convincing soundscapes for visuals.

This is a project I worked on with two of my friends back in college. They provided me with images they took, and asked me to create the audio for the different settings. Whereas it is common to design sounds for movies, it was interesting to design a soundscape for a still image. On one hand, it gave me more freedom of creating but on the other hand, a longer thought process was required in order to build a convincing experience.

For the best experience, I recommend to use headphones 🙂

Check it out here.

Comments (2)

  1. Good stuff right here man!! Great sounds and great pictures!! It is interesting to put the song in the still image. Normally, when I go to the museum, I always have my headset on to the listen to my own music while watching the pictures in the museum. I think it gives me more directions to the meaning of the pictures. Your sounds too, when I watched each picture, I felt like I was literally in those pictures. In addition, my favorite ones were the pictures that have the sound of water floating around. They made me calm and relax. I wish you do the longer version for each picture. I think they are too short.

    Great jobs overall.
    Keep it up.

    • Kenny Stadelmann

      Thank you! Really appreciate your comment. Yes, unfortunately the length of the audio clips was limited due to the plugin they used on the website. I look forward on working on projects that require audio designs with longer duration 🙂

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