12th August 2018 Kenny Stadelmann

It’s All About EDM

Lately I have been in between trying to create some rather mainstream sounding EDM songs, just for the purpose of practicing and learning new techniques. Here are some things I am currently working on (the volume is a bit low because I have not mastered them):

For the first clip, similar to when I started with the remix of Blinded by the Light, I am using samples and bits of an old classic. It is a genre called Future Bass, notably commercialized by artists like Flume, The Chainsmokers and Odesza.

The second clip is very simple, and is trying to mimic artists like Skrillex, Zomboy, and NGHTMRE in the genre of trap. For me it is interesting to start recreating simple ideas in order to move further and develop those concepts into something more sophisticated.

However, I realized that while moving to LA brought me some new ideas, I often sense a restriction in my creativity due to the limitation of studio equipment I was able to bring with me, and moreover, it is often challenging to get into a creative zone when living with roommates and zero privacy. This is why I am often starting with new projects and I don’t now how to finish them. Anyways, I am forced to move out of my current apartment soon. It is stressful, but I guess it will mean that I am going to be more relaxed and hence more creative in my new place, right?

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