10th August 2018 Kenny Stadelmann

It All Started Back in 2013

It all started with one Remix five years ago. I always liked the song Blinded by the Light by Manfred Mann, and back in 2013 I started making my first Remix. I always liked DJ softwares and messed around with them, creating Mashups of a cappellas and instrumentals. Later on I started making beats in Reason, Fruity Loops, and eventually ended up using Logic Pro.

However, I discovered that while Logic Pro is very intuitive and provides a vast amount of great audio samples, such as various pianos, I managed to overload my system on a regular basis. That is the thing about producing on a computer: It is not just playing audio files, but adding multiple affects on them as well. Furthermore, when using synthesizers, they demand a lot of processor power as well, depending on settings. Anyways, as I progressed in my music production, I liked to use heavy effects and multiple distortions on single tracks and I was not able to play more than 2 seconds of a project without an error message popping up. This is the reason why I switched to Ableton Live about a year ago.

I am blown away so far about the differences in performance, the simplicity and new opportunities for my creativity and I am very excited to release some things soon.

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