8th August 2018 Kenny Stadelmann

My First Collaboration

For this short film, I teamed up with actress Charis Michelsen and conductor and composer Tomasz Golka. It was an exciting and unforgettable experience to work along with two proficient professionals that worked in the movie business for so many years. I was very glad to have Charis, with a convincing and authentic performance on board, but also the composed soundtrack by Tomasz added a tremendous amount of value to the final result. “The Dare” is supposed to be a rather suspenseful short and although it was not my first take on the horror genre, working with someone that actually creates a soundtrack tailored for your film is another story. Furthermore, I wanted to create a cinematic look with a small budget, and on my own. For that reason, I used natural lighting, my Sony a6300, no camera stabilizer, and it was just me and the actress on the set. To conclude, I like the result and I am inspired to work on other suspenseful projects.

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