5th August 2018 Kenny Stadelmann

My First Soundtrack

This is a throwback to my first classical soundtrack I have ever composed. This particular soundtrack needed to be subtile and yet it required to accompany the images provided. At this point, I was used to produce solely electronic music, nevertheless, I was excited to experiment with a variety of classical instruments for the first time. In order for the soundtrack to be convincing and authentic, I decided to purchase a sample gallery of different drums, strings, pianos and more, which I could play on my midi keyboard. However, I still wanted to use electronic synthesizer in order to create a hybrid version of an orchestral sounding electronic song. Even though I used a lot of electronic synthesizers, they seemed to blend in very well with classic instrument. As an example at 2:10, for the airy sounding instrument I could have used some kind of flute, but I created this sound from scratch in the synthesizer while watching the scene. This way I can create the perfect sound for various visual elements, while still having the freedom to morph sound effects into others or make the sound more soothing or aggressive.

For me this was a great opportunity to be free in a sense of creating new sound designs while sticking to traditional elements as well. I discovered that I am really passionate about creating matching sounds for visuals. It is just a great way for intensifying emotions or change the mood of a scene dramatically.

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